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to Aerial Ashes Florida. We are located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, USA.

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When the Spanish discovered this lovely peninsula, they named it Florida – Land of Flowers. The Central Gulf Coast is one of the most attractive areas of this Land of Flowers.

The unique exquisiteness and wonder of this area is widely recognized and enjoyed by many visitors from around the world year round. What better tribute to a loved one than to spread their ashes over an area full of natural beauty and fond memories?

Aerial Ashes Florida was created to provide for the respectful and dignified dispersal of cremated remains over approved areas of this Land of Flowers. While our primary area is Tampa Bay, we are prepared to spread anywhere in the state or its coastal waters, contingent upon Federal Aviation Regulations and the Mortuary Laws of the State of Florida.

More and more people are choosing cremation as a dignified process for ending our earthly existence.We provide for the discreet, respectful and dignified dispersal of cremated remains over approved areas of Florida. While most occur over coastal waters, other areas are legally available.

Aerial Ashes Florida has developed a unique, proven system for distributing the ashes that ensures complete evacuation of the container with no blow back. We understand the sacred nature of the cremains. A certificate listing particulars of the deceased with date and location of scattering is provided. See a sample certificate HERE. (Acrobat Reader required)

Due to Federal Aviation Administration regulations we cannot take passengers on scattering flights. All flights are conducted under the guidelines and regulations of the FAA and the State of Florida.

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