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Why choose a scattering flight of cremated remains rather than traditional burial?
Apart from the substantial cost advantage, many people feel that there is a freedom and beauty involved in scattering remains to become one with nature - the sea, sky and land.
Can someone accompany the pilot on the scattering flight?
Due to Federal Aviation administration regulations we cannot take passengers on scattering flights. We can provide a photo of the scattering location for $25.00
How do we get the cremated remains to you?
Pick up of cremated remains in the Tampa Bay area is provided. Outside of this area, cremated remains may be shipped to us via U.S. registered mail.
I have read about "blow back" where cremains are blown back into the plane. Is this a problem?
We have a unique, proven system that ensures complete evacuation of the container with no blow back.
Once you have received the cremains, when does the scattering occur?
Unless a specific date/time is requested, all cremains will be respectfully scattered within five working days of receipt, weather permitting.
Is there any written notice given that a scattering flight took place?
We provide a certificate stating the date, time, latitude and longitude of the scattering. See a sample here. (Acrobat Reader required)
What information is needed to arrange a scattering flight?
We need the decedent's name, address, date of birth and date of death, When available, a copy of the certificate of cremation is requested. Also we need your contact information - name, relationship to the deceased, address and phone number.
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