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Local – Within a 50 mile radius of Tampa Bay Area
Florida Keys $625.00
Atlantic Coast $415.00
Photograph of Scattering Location $ 25.00
Florida locations other than listed Quote
Signed validated Certificate No Charge
Pick up of cremated remains in the Tampa Bay area is provided.
Outside of Tampa Bay, the cremated remains may be shipped via U.S. registered mail with return receipt to:
Aerial Ashes Florida,
3305 Timberlee Road,
Wimauma, FL 33598
Include the decedent’s name, address, date of birth and date of death. When available a copy of the certificate of cremation is requested. Also, your contact information – name, relationship to the deceased, address, phone number where you can be reached.

Unless a specific date/time is requested, all cremains will be respectfully scattered within 5 working day of receipt, weather permitting.




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